Sunday, May 24, 2009


I have recently made a new goal. At first I was going to make a goal of putting up a post on my blog once a week, but I soon realized that this was much too ambitious of me, so my goal is now to post once a month. That's better than once every 5 or 6 months, right? So here is the one for May, and from now on there will be one every month! Once I master that, maybe I can move up to every other week. For now, here is the latest news.
Halle is getting in to preschool. Or should I say Pre-K? That's what they call it out here. I'm very excited (and Halle too) because she is so ready for it! Not only can she recognize numbers 1-10 and some letters, but she is eager to learn! She'll be going to a magnet school out here that focuses on core knowledge and she'll be going half days 5 days a week. Yay learning! and yay free time! (sorta)

Which brings me to Chloe. My little baby girl is 7 months old now! My how time flies. Ever since she was 4 months old I have been trying to get her to eat solid foods, but everytime she spit it out. Today that has all changed! She ate a small handful of cheerios. I'm hoping this means that she's ready for solid foods now and that I can start giving her more foods, but we're going to take it slow. Chloe is also rolling over both ways, holds herself up on her arms while lying on her tummy, and she can pretty much sit up without support. I still need to be close by so she doesn't give herself a concussion when she falls over, but I think she is doing rather well.

Here are some pictures that we took while watching fireworks about a week ago at the Riverfest here in Wichita. It was cold and the fireworks were mediocre, not to mention there was a building in our way, but we had lots of fun.

As a last bit of news. The semester is over and Wade has officially finished a year of grad school! He's still busy, but at least he has a bit of a break. Then he will have a class for 3 weeks in June and another one for 3 weeks in July. In between then we will get to visit Utah! I will come out with the girls a week before Wade, then he'll come for 2 weeks and then the girls and I will stay an extra week. That's a month! We are so excited. Everyone be sure to set aside some time for us!
Well that's all for this month. I imagine I will be posting my next blog from Utah. Until then you can find me on facebook or twitter. Become my friend or follow me because I update those a whole lot more. Shoot me an email if you can't find me.

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