Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Times

Here are the pics that I promised.
First is our trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo.

This is our day at the Science Exploration Place.

You can't see the screen, but they are flying a virtual Wright Bros. plane.

Apparently this took great effort. Ok not really, but you'd think so by the look on my face. Actually, I'm pretty surprised that I was able to get the bubble over my head.

And a few pictures from Halle's 4th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Halle's all ready for her fairy tale birthday party. Unfortunately there weren't any other kids with us, but that didn't stop us from having a great time!

You had to grab those metal things and it would "shock" you. It really just vibrated very intensely and you had to hang on to them for 30 seconds to get the maximum amount of tickets.

Hey you try it.Halle was so excited to meet Mr. Cheese.

Yes I made that cake. The frosting was supposed to be purple, but I put too much blue in it and I didn't have any more red. Oh well, I'm still proud.

Those are all the fun things that we tooks pictures of. I need to utilize my camera more. Well, at least I will next week with the birth of Halle's little sister. Or Wade will.

As for her name. We know that her first name is going to be Chloe, but her middle name is still under heated debate. It will either be Marie, which is my mom's middle name, or Brenda, which is the name of Wade's professor that set him on his path to grad school. Neither of us want to budge, so she may end up with both. Doesn't Chloe Marie have a much better flow to it though? And besides, Halle's middle name comes from Wade's side of the family, so I think I deserve to choose Chloe's middle name from my side. It's only fair. I guess we'll find out her full name next week.

Next post: Chloe's birth!


Keely said...


It's so fun to see you and all the fun pictures of your family. Sounds like you are doing well and loving life. So sad that you had to move so far away but what a fun adventure. Can't wait to see pictures of another cute baby girl. I'm just 2 weeks behind you with our second. We don't know if its a boy or a husband's crazy idea!!!

Anyway, again good to see you. I will be checking your blog now so keep me updated!!!


Keely said...

PS....I love the cake!!! Remember the cakes we made when we were companions?

mishlover said...

Awh! I love those videos. "Pretty girl!" and you, "Loisssssss". haha The baby's name is super cute. I can't wait to meet her and see Halle again! Love you guys.

April said...

Hey girlie, Holly forwarded me your blog. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, and it was good to see you again!! I hope things go smoothly this coming week with the new one on the way.

Chloe Marie does have a better flow to it ;-P I can't wait to see the pictures.